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from LittleThings

Get more feel-good stories

from LittleThings

LittleThings Productions

LittleThings Productions is our multifaceted content studio, headquartered in the Hudson Yards area of Manhattan. Editorial video production sits under the same umbrella as our branded content studio, so the same talented creators who build our meaningful visual narratives also focus on customizing video campaigns with brands.  more  less

Aired September 12, 2017

Mom in Chief Pilot

A prize worth $100,000 will be awarded to one of two hardworking moms! Join host and TV star Sarah Drew as these two mom entrepreneurs compete right now on Mom-in-Chief!

Aired June 2, 2017

American Family Insurance Duet

American Family Insurance helps out a struggling street performer, showing that a little support can make anyone's dreams come true.

Aired May 24, 2017

Father's Day Letter with Jockey

“You’re there for every tantrum and every tear, and you’re there for all the smiles, hugs, and giggles that make it all worth it.” For Father’s Day this year, Brigit Barry gave her husband Michael an extra special present. Watch to hear the rest of her heartfelt letter!